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Dealer plates can not be "rented", sold, or traded in any way. The only way to legally have possession of a dealer plate, is to own a licensed dealership or to become an associate of an active dealership. If you use a dealer plate that you are not associated with, it is most likely with no real insurance coverage, which means a serious violation and risking yourself and others.
If you are looking to get involved in a legitimate business in the motor vehicles sales and trade industry, we have to tools to get you started. We offer free LIVE AUCTION TRAINING, you will learn how to bid, inspect and research a vehicle during a live auction. For online training please view the Learning Center page

This is a unique opportunity for anyone related to the automotive business.
We have a Dealer plate available with free Access to any Dealer's Auction in the country. We are a well established wholesale dealership selling cars weekly at dealer's auctions in the North & South East. We have a few buyers positions available now, together with a dealer plate, available for the right person. Our dealer plates are NOT from INDIANA. We will always match your geographic location to the actual dealership you will be assigned to, where you will be added as a "Buyer" to the dealership. After your driving history is verified, your name will be added to our insurance policy with the best liability coverage in the market. Once you receive international Dealer picture ID card, You will be able to drive and transport any car, anywhere, legally. Your Auction Access ID card identify you as a dealership representative, enables you to walk in to any dealers auto auction and buy or sell any type of vehicle. Use of dealer plate can be on either monthly or yearly based. Insurance premiums at a discounted price will be offered if you prepay for the year. We have locations in NJ, NY, FL and California. You may keep your (purchased) inventory at any of our location, free of charge. You would basically become a member at one of our dealerships as a "Buyer" representative. Our Auction Access account is accepted in every auction in the USA (including GSA government auctions) and will be able to buy and sell under the company in which you are registered as a buyer for. Your international Auction Access ID comes with online Internet access (Click here to view more details) After registering with Manheim website,you will be able to Search, Locate and Purchase cars at Bank Auctions & other dealers only auctions. (View Auction Access here) This approach will allow you to become a license dealer immediately, without the serious expense of actually owning the dealership yourself.

What you need to qualify:1

- A valid driver license
- Clean driving records (with some exceptions).
- Clean criminal history with a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card
- 3 References.

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